Job Applicant FAQs: Your Questions Answered

How much and when do I get paid?

Each stand manager earns a salary based on how long your location is open. To get a better idea of how well Tri-State pays, go to our Pay Schedule section. All employees get paid in full on or about July 18th via check. Last year our average manager made approximately $2,800.00 working 18 days.

What is the dress code for location managers and staff members?

You can feel free to dress casual. You will be working outside during June and July. It is acceptable to wear jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sneakers, or sandals.

What does the typical day consist of as a firework stand manager?

Our firework stands are self locking and operate similar to a retail store. The first day you will be met on site by a district manager who will train you on our operating procedures. At that time, you and your district manager will set-up your retail display. This can be a lengthy process and may take up the majority of your first day. As a retail operation, your display is required to have a clean and orderly presentation.

After set up, you will provide customer service by assisting customers in choosing their fireworks, ringing up customers using the cash register/credit card machine, and restocking inventory as needed. During the first couple of days, you will be responsible for learning the prices of each firework and becoming familiar with other operational procedures. After you are completely familiar with all procedures, you will be permitted to bring books and a radio to entertain yourself between customers.

How will I explain to customers what each firework does?

You will be provided with a price sign for each firework which has a detailed description of that firework’s performance.

What type of person typically operates or manages a firework tent/stand sale?

Most of our employees are school teachers, college students, and affiliated members. To be eligible to schedule an interview to become a manager at one of our firework locations you must be able to meet the requirements listed under the Employment section.

What if I do not have retail experience?

Retail experience is always a plus, but not a prerequisite for the job. We are looking for energetic and responsible adults who are interested in working hard for a three week period. You will be trained on all retail aspects of the business if you do not have retail experience.

What safety measures are in place since I am often working alone?

Our locations are typically in well lit and well traveled shopping centers. Most of the time you are working alone, your stand will close around dusk or 9pm. The majority of the days you are required to stay open after dark, you will have someone working with you and will not be alone.

Who will I be working with?

Typically, you will be the only employee except during our peak sales, July 1 – July 5, when we do the majority of our business. You will be required to hire staff members to work with you during that time. The number of employees is typically determined by the volume of business generated in previous years. Since the majority of the time you will be the only employee, you must be comfortable working alone.

Who pays the people I am required to hire? Does their pay come out of my salary?

Absolutely not. The staff you hire is paid separately by us. Their pay DOES NOT come out of your salary. They are required to fill out tax forms and will receive their pay check the same time as managers.

I see a range of dates and pay on the pay schedule. How will I know the specifics of the job?

If you are hired by Gorilla Fireworks, you will be assigned a specific location, start date and end date. These factors will determine your exact pay as per the Pay Schedule.

For consideration, fill out an application in our EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION section.