24 extra LOUD canister shells of 24 awesome performances!
1. Pigeon blood red/deep green dahlia with white strobe
2. Pigeon blood red/lemon dahlia with green strobe
3. Deep blue/purple dahlia with golden strobe
4. Deep green/orange dahlia with red strobe
5. Silver strobe willow with red dahlia
6. Green strobe willow with orange dahlia
7. Golden strobe willow with blue peony
8. Red strobe willow with deep green dahlia
9. Brocade crown
10. Silver brocade crown with red strobe
11. Multi-color brocade palm
12. Golden willow to red/green/blue with white strobe
13. Titantium chrysanthemum
14. Quick-fire crackle
15. Crackling willow with red strobe
16. White strobe with purple/green palm pistil
17. Red strobe with blue/orange palm pistil
18. Green strobe with purple/orange palm pistil
19. Purple/deep green dahlia with chrysanthemum
20. Multi-color dahlia
21. Super-white strobe
22. Silver palm with red strobe
23. Green wave with chrysanthemum
24. Silver brocade crown with green strobe

Duration: N/A