Fireworks have been dazzling us with their bright, beautiful displays for centuries, turning ordinary nights into extraordinary spectacles. Each type of firework has its own unique properties, effects, and ideal usage situations. Whether you’re a fireworks enthusiast or a novice just getting started, it’s essential to understand these different types of fireworks to create the most stunning displays. Below are some of the most common categories of fireworks. 


Handheld sparklers are a top choice for backyard celebrations, creating a festival of lights in your hands. Remember, even these fun-size fireworks require proper safety precautions.


Novelty fireworks are perfect for adding a fun twist to any celebration. From spinners to poppers, these lower noise, safety-conscious choices are excellent for younger participants and small outdoor spaces.


Fountain fireworks are crowd-pleasers, showering the night sky with upward sprays of sparks. Their low-noise, long-lasting displays make them a favored choice for close-range viewing at local gatherings.


Adding excitement to celebrations, firecrackers deliver a signature bang. Often used in large strings for maximum impact, these miniature explosives are a classic choice for thrill-seekersRoman Candles

For an eye-catching fireworks display, Roman candles shoot colorful stars and other effects into the sky. They’re an ideal option for those wanting a spectacle that lasts.


Rockets are the heart of many grand firework displays, launching into the air before exploding into a spray of various effects. They bring a sense of anticipation and surprise to every event.

Shells/Reloadable Mortars

Including popular choices like mortar or artillery shells, these fireworks produce breathtaking aerial bursts of color. When planning a large-scale fireworks show, shells are a go-to for an impressive visual treat.

Cakes or Repeaters

If you’re looking for a firework with a broad variety of effects, cakes or barrages are your answer. With a single ignition, they sequentially set off a series of tubes, painting the sky with vibrant colors and patterns.


Missiles create a dynamic show in the sky, zig-zagging before bursting into a spray of stars or sound. For a rapid, multi-effect display, missiles are a fantastic choice.Finale Racks

Finale racks, delivering a dramatic barrage of shots, are the crescendo to any firework display. If you’re looking for an unforgettable ending to your show, these are your best bet.

Remember, safety is paramount — always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and respect local laws when handling fireworks. If you have more questions or want to explore these different types of fireworks, our store is the place to be. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you in choosing the perfect fireworks for your event from our extensive range of top-quality products. We look forward to adding some sparkle to your next celebration!

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