Welcome to Gorilla Firework’s top 10 best-selling fireworks, each representing a unique category. Handpicked based on sales and customer reviews from our SUPERCENTER in Charles Town, WV these fireworks have been turning celebrations into stunning light spectacles. From holiday shows to simple family events, our selection caters to every occasion. Explore our diverse selection and add a spark of magic to your night sky with these exceptional, crowd-pleasing fireworks!

1. SUPER SWORD (Handheld Fountain): Silver Shower, Silver Crysthatheum, with red and green stars. A favorite among kids! Last 25 seconds. VIEW SUPER SWORD 

2. DRAGON THRONE (Fountain): Breathtaking panoramic eruption of gold lava effects, pixie dust tails, melting iron flowers, swimming snakes and a huge full-scale silver finale-a persistent panoramic performance! Lasts 65 seconds! VIEW DRAGON THRONE 

3. MAD DOG ROMAN CANDLE (Roman Candle): A traditional favorite gone mad. This roman candle shoots 10 shots of multi-colored flaming balls. VIEW MAD DOG ROMAN CANDLE

4. LITTLE DYNAMITE (Firecracker): This is a must for every pyro enthusiast! At 1-½” this Cracker has a water fuse and has the loudest bang of any firecracker. Good for day or night use. VIEW LITTLE DYNAMITE

5. STRIKE FORCE (Missile): A high flying missile with unmatched speed that explodes producing a loud report, gold palms, green and red pearls. VIEW STRIKE FORCE MISSILE

6. BLACK CAT PYRO PACK (Assortment): A great mix of products at an affordable price! 

7. FLASH BURN (200 G Cake): 12 SHOTS of Red tail to brocade crow, crackling mine to crackle. VIEW FLASH BURN

8. VENOM SERIES (500 G Cake): This one could be considered an assortment, as it contains 5 unique cakes in one case. Fuse them together for a great finale! King Cobra, Anaconda, Black Mamba, Diamondback, Copperhead. VIEW VENOM SERIES

9. NEON VIPER SHELLS (Reloadable Mortar): 6 assorted bright neon color  shells. 60 gram canister shell, very nice color and big breaks. Neon hologram wrapping on shells. VIEW NEON VIPER SHELLS 

10. ADDICTED TO LOUD (Finale Rack): Brilliant, huge, loud, symmetrical, long-lasting brocade crown with multi-color falling leaves. Lasts 47 seconds! VIEW ADDICTED TO LOUD

In wrapping up, the vibrant display of fireworks can turn any event into an unforgettable spectacle. Remember, every firework carries a promise – a promise of light, joy, and shared memories. Choose the one that best reflects your celebration and let the sky tell your unique story! Visit our SUPERCENTER in Charles Town, WV to learn more. 

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